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Getting Ready for V-day!

Grace and her sister Vera are all ready for Valentine's Day, mainly to accept candy and other treats. I custom made there T-shirts by getting the shirts and iron on material at Hobby Lobby. They are currently having a 1/2 of sale on Vinyl! So make sure you stop by and stock up. Fun Fact, remember they are closed on Sunday. I always seem to forget that.

Originally I was not sure what to write on their shirts so I just customized them to their own personalities. Grace is a screamer and Vera is a biter.

Grace's shirt reads: I'm a Lover Not a Screamer

Vera's shirt reads: I'm a Lover Not a Biter

Mom's shirt reads: I'm Just Tired!

If any mam's out there need help customizing V-day t-shirts, let me know!


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